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About Suzanne

CostasWellness2021-011 I have been interested in health and wellness for as long as I can remember.  My journey has evolved throughout the years, adjusting a little here, adding or subtracting a little there.  I believe that one step at a time changes create manageable, long lasting transformation.  My desire is to share my passion for all things wellness by guiding others to empower themselves as people of infinite potential as they strive to meet their goals of the mind, body, and spirit.

I started my career as a K-12 English and Spanish teacher and have 21 years of tea
ching experience, working with kindergarteners through adults from a wide range of backgrounds. business_cardNow I'm using that energy and love for people and their learning journeys as a certified wellness life coach. My wealth of knowledge and experience will help you on your fitness and wellness journey.  Not only can I offer coaching services, but I can also share my knowledge as a partner with you as you create a plan to get you to your end goal!
I live in Columbus, Ohio and can do face-to-face sessions if you are local.  If not, the Zoom option is for you!  Call or email me for a free 30 minute strategy session to see if coaching is right for you and create your personalized game plan!

  • Life Coach Certified through Coach Training EDU
    • Accredited with ICF
  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living certification from Cornell University

My Clients Say:
"I was going through a very stressful time in my life and was recommended to Suzanne.  I'm extremely thankful for all that she has done to help me through the difficult times I was facing.  She has such a kind, caring, compassionate, and supportive way about her.  She has the ability to ask the exact questions to help you figure out what is needed for your transition, almost as if you always knew what you required to accomplish your needs.  She helped me to figure out what I needed to do and why I hadn't done it yet.  I was able to find forgiveness I have been searching for and create necessary changes in my life.  We worked on people pleasing, exercise, diet and budgets as well!  I am so very thankful for Suzanne and all the positive changes she has helped me to accomplish in my life.  I highly recommend."
S. King
"Suzanne has been a wonderful life coach.  She has helped me work through many challenging times in my life.  Our sessions encouraged me to reflect on what I most wanted--what type of relationship I wanted, where I wanted my future to take me, or how I might deal with negative factors in my life that I can't control.  I always left our sessions feeling more confident and with a plan in place to make my goals more achievable." 

Are you looking for a way to get to know yourself better?  Would you like to develop stronger unconditional love of self or become your own best cheerleader to reach those goals you've been after?

Regardless of what you've been striving for, I highly recommend having a person like Suzanne in your corner.  Suzanne is a listener.  Her emotional intelligence, sense of humor, and genuine care for her fellow human beings is evident in every coaching session.  You can just tell she is rooting for you in a wholly sincere way.  One of the best qualities about Suzanne is her calming and non-judgmental demeanor.  Suzanne's coaching style makes discussing difficult topics and acknowledging failures and failings easier to address (all a part of life we can't escape so we might as well get real about them).  Our coaching sessions helped me to understand myself better during a time of high stress and anxiety.  I remember being nervous to start the process because I had never been to therapy, a coach, or anything...I didn't know what to expect, but I enjoyed the sessions so much!  I set goals for myself and the accountability piece helped me to make some much needed changes with my self-talk.  Core Vitality Wellness sessions with Suzanne are a fantastic idea for those looking to make baby step changes to those with some serious life goals or anywhere in between.  The bottom line is that Suzanne will be there beside you along the way to remind you, "You Can!"
                                          Shanna Mann